Collection: Spagyrics ~ Embodied Herbal Alchemy & Support for your Whole Being

Spagyrics is an ancient alchemical practice that is intertwined with chemistry, herbalism, astrology and spiritual philosophy. The term "spagyric" comes from Greek roots meaning to "to separate" and "to combine" reflecting the fundamental process involved. 


The term was coined by the famous Swiss alchemist, Paracelsus. The history of herbal alchemy and subsequently spagyrics is broad and has evolved over centuries. 

The Three Basic Principles

The three basic principles of spagyrics are sulfur, mercury, & salt.They are not the same as their substance names but share common characteristics. These three comprise the soul, the spirit, & the body of the plants.

The Spagyric process involves separating and recombining the three alchemical principles of plants:

The Body - physical matter, The Soul - essential oils and volatile components, & The Spirit - alcohol soluble components.These formulations are prepared in correspondence to the planets of each individual plant, bringing forth the unique and truest energetic blueprint and medicinal virtues. True whole plant medicine.

These medicines are potent combining a plant's entire energetic architecture including the elements and planets into your being.


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